What we do:

PTO income is derived from your membership fees and from everyone’s participation in our fundraising efforts.  The money raised allows us to fund a variety of initiatives for our school, including:

  • technology for our classrooms, like iPads, to better instruct our children
  • funding part of field trip expenses, to offset transportation costs
  • funding assemblies
  • providing learning centers
  • creating family events to foster sense of community for our children


How the generated funds are spent:

Thanks to the participation of families of Wauconda Grade school in PTO fundraisers, spirit nights, box top collection and more-as well as donations from our generous sponsors and community partners-we are able to raise money to fund a variety of programs and activities which directly benefit the children of Wauconda Grade School.



The Wauconda Grade School PTO Is a sub chapter of the Wauconda School District 118 PTO. It is a vital organization designed to represent parents and teachers in an effort to support our children’s learning experience at Wauconda Grade School.

Our objective is to promote cooperation between parents and the teachers who educate our children. Our goal is to develop a variety of high quality learning experiences and extra-curricular programs for our children. This is accomplished through fundraising and family activities. Building effective connections between our administrators, faculty, parents and the community will ultimately enhance our children’s educational experience at Wauconda Grade School.


How do I join?

Joining is easy!  We have membership forms available now outside the school office, or click HERE.  Our membership drive ends September 19th, but you can join at any time of the year.  It is $5 to join, and you can also donate additional funds directly to our school.  Return your membership form to the school office, or email to: WGSPTO@gmail.com

When are meetings?

Meetings are the first Tuesday of every month in the school’s library At 7:00 pm.  We’d love for you to come and see what we’re all about.


What can  I expect at a meeting?

We come together once a month to talk about upcoming events.  We’re a bunch of parents and teachers who care about our school being a good place for our kids.  It is absolutely no pressure–no one will make you talk in front of the group or anything.  You will find about out about stuff going on in the district and at school, and you can see if any of the events fit in your schedule to help with.


If I am unable to attend the meetings but I still want to get involved, can I still join and volunteer?

Please!  There are so many opportunities to get involved and help provide an amazing learning experience for our kids.  Volunteer at a Family Fun night while your kids are there anyway having fun.  Help sell books for an hour at the Scholastic Book Fair.  If everyone gave just THREE hours of their time over the school year–just imagine what we could accomplish!


I am a grandparent.  Can I join?

Absolutely!  Parents, grandparents, uncles, guardians, friends, pets….ok,maybe  not pets.  Everyone is welcome to join, attend our meetings, and help make our school the best it can be.


I work full time.  I don’t have daytime availability or even a lot of nighttime availability.  Is it even worth it to join?

We think so! Most of the people involved in PTO have a job.  This is just volunteering time for them.   Think of it this way–how else will you meet so many fantastic and caring families?  What a great way to get into the school and meet teachers and staff that you might not otherwise engage with; see what new and exciting things are happening at the school, and set a great example for your kids about volunteering and community improvement.  We respect everyone’s time, skill set, and desire for involvement–there are no rules.  Just imagine what we could accomplish if everyone gave only THREE hours over the entire school year!!


What are the funds that PTO raises used for?

The money we raise from our many fundraisers (which are also usually fun activities for the kids) go back to the school.  Last year, the big ticket item was providing Ipads for classrooms…15 new Ipads were brought into the school.  We also provide funds for assemblies, help cover transportation costs for field trips, and provide school supplies for teachers.


Why should I join?

Many hands make light work, as the expression goes.  The more people we have involved, the more input we get on ideas for fundraisers, where the money should go, and how to improve things! We want and need your help!


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